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Strimmer won’t start

Started by Superdave, December 01, 2020, 04:58:33 PM

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Interesting 🤔

This is worth checking out for sure 👍🏻

Can't see this being too far out as the thing was running up until a few weeks ago and then (after I used it to trim the edges of our allotment) I put it away, got it out two days later and you know the rest.....

I'll have a look at this when I get a chance.

Many thanks for your help 🙏


Afternoon gang, hope you are all well 👍🏻

So I have finally had the chance to take a look at the things we discussed, as a quick reminder:

1. Investigate and adjust the needle pivot height to 1.5mm below carb body
2. Remove and inspect exhaust system and check exhaust port clear, clean components and rebuild
3. Set idle screw (low speed) to 1 turn out, pull starter cord 10 times and check plug for excessive fuel. Adjust idle screw and repeat until plug appears wet, then reduce 1/4 turn in

Oh, and I have pictures too 😎


So here is a picture of the carb needle pivot.

I have set it up with a clamped steel rule (30cm) on the carb body, and then used a 15cm steel rule to show the depth.

It was a little rushed as the rain came over just as I'd finished setting up.... 🙄 Hence the slightly blurred picture, but it was spot on 1.5mm 👍🏻



Next was the exhaust.

Here you can see it in situ but with the plastic heat guard removed for clarity.

Also worth a mention is this picture is after the inspection and clean, so it looks quite good but it was quite oily on first inspection.



Next the exhaust port.

This is before cleaning, again oily but not blocked in any way.



So in addition to the above pictures.

The first one (top) is with the piston at BDC, the bore is in good condition with minimal wear, not surprisingly as this has good compression 👍🏻

The second picture shows the leading edge of the crown and the ring. Again minimal wear, and no evidence of the ring having turned and caught the port.

Third is a transfer port and part of the gudgeon pin (just visible)small scuffing evident by the shine from the torch, but no deep scoring so all ok for now. 👍🏻


I did the 1 turn out setting, plug was dry.
1.5 turns out, plug wetish....

Settled on 1.5 and caved with the easy start 😊 still only runs for a second.....

Any other ideas gang??

Stumped Dave 🤮


Think you might be better off cutting your losses with this one.  They can be a complete pain in the backside these cheap 1/2 crank engines.

So you sure the muffler itself isn't blocked?  The fact that it fires up momentarily after giving it a spray would suggest it's not getting fuel.  Make sure gasket between carb and reed plate is good and the correct way around so pulse hole is doing it's job and working the fuel pump.

It's really awkward trying to find these faults over the web without hearing and feeling what's going on to be honest.   


Hey Mick, thanks for the reply 👍🏻

Yeah I blew through the exhaust with compressed air, lots of oily diesel came out, but it eventually cleared and seemed free flowing.

The gasket was my next point of call, it looks ok but is obviously old and has been on and off like a tarts knickers over the last few weeks 😆

I'll knock one up in the workshop next week when I'm on lunch, as you say I am reluctant to spend any money on this so I'll make my own... Glad I paid attention during my apprenticeship 👍🏻

Bye for now, update soon