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John deere X540

Started by Jrich, November 16, 2020, 10:53:13 PM

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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone had clutch bolt issues with the John deere x540, I have now seen 2 of the same model go the same way where the clutch bolt sheers off in use dropping the clutch. This has happened twice on each. The first one we replaced ourselves when I worked for a chap before he retired
It was fine for a couple of years and went again. I had far to much on at the time so passed it onto the the area main JD agents they replaced crankshaft and clutch and as far as I know it's still going OK it was done last year. The second machine went at a similar time as the first machine but as my boss was in Hospital at the time and I was still learning the trade I didn't have the confidence to take it on without a bit of guidance so he passed that to the same JD agent they replaced crankshaft and clutch but this time it failed quickly think he said it was just over a year and JD wouldn't honor the repair and claim there is no issue with the model the agent says they have done a couple of the same model over the years. To me that would suggest there is an issue with that model, my thoughts are that it could be to do with the belt putting pressure on the clutch that if I remember right sits quite shallow on the end of the shaft compared to other models. Anyway the customer kicked up a stink to the JD agent and I think they are putting it right at their expense the boss man is overseeing it and carrying out vibration tests and all sorts. Anyone else have experience of this issue and input on what might be causing this.


Does sound like they have issues, a google search seems to come up with a few of there machines with similar issues, and not just that model.

I would think as they were changing crankshafts and clutches under warranty originally then there would have been some sort of "Fix per fail" bulletin issued by the manufacturer.  In other words there is a issue, but they would fix the issue if the customer had this particular issue and complained, instead of a full blown recall situation.

We don't see many JD machines because we're very close to a JD main dealer, so have not seen this issue first hand unfortunately.

The clutch is keyed to the shaft so shearing due to overtightening itself shouldn't be an issue. To me, either the clutch is a really bad fit on the shaft, or there's a problem with the bolt itself.