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Champion R 484 TR

Started by openspaceman, September 10, 2020, 08:14:20 PM

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I just registered to pick your brains about what to do with the driven wheels system on this honda powered mower. It's the latest in a series of freebie mowers I have acquired as  my posh neighbours change over to battery powered mowers. Being a bit of a fan of Honda engined products I thought it may be a bit nicer to use than my couple of B&S 3.5hp push alongs.

Anyway the motor works fine and the owner says the drive packed up years ago. The drive belt has been removed.

I think the transmission was common to a number of mowers  and wonder if I could source parts to get it going again, it looks like it may be 18 years old.

I don't need it to mow much grass as I mostly used them to pick up hedge clippings and comp[act them down a bit but it would be nice not to have to push.

BTW Barrie pointed out this forum from arbtalk some months ago


Hi Openspaceman. Sorry for the delay in a reply, only just looked in!
First thing to do is put a belt back on and try the transmmission. It could be that the belt is too loose and slipping, or that the clutch cable is slack, or broken. Tension the belt and take the slack out of the cable.
If this does not work remove the rear wheels and check the pinions and drive pawls. Leave a wheel off and see if the axle rotates under power.

If you need parts you will need to provide the exact model code as found on the ID plate. The R484 TR is sadly not enough as there were several variants.
Hope this helps


Cheers for that I had not considered it could be something as simple as a slack belt because the reviews all mention failure of a weak gearbox. The hub reductions seem to work okay when the drive shaft is rotated by hand.


openspaceman, welcome to TGMF. 

I'm sorry for the lack of reply from me, I thought I had already replied, not sure why it didn't post..  I was also going to ask if the belt was either off, or loose as Barrie pointed out, it can and does happen.

Hopefully it will be something simple which doesn't require a transmission assy, fingers crossed.  ;)


Forgot to say.  Some of these mowers the belt tension is applied by a threaded rod and spring which protrudes through the back of the deck, under the deflector.   You also find if it has a aluminium blade boss with integrated pulley on the engine, the pulley can be worn to such an extent the belt no longer grips on the pulley and also the belt tension will be reduced..


Thanks Mick, I've been too busy with other  things but will have a play this week. It has an aluminium pulley. I need to find a Vee belt that fits as a first step.


Hi openspaceman. I have a Champion mower that I am thinking of breaking for spares. I just need to check the model.


Sorry Kevin I didn't log on for a while.

As Mick pointed out this model had a threaded rod to tension the drive belt and not only was this missing the  plastic attachment point on the gearbox for it was broken.

Also though I bought a belt to try I couldn't get a decent tension with string and as I applied the clutch the clutch cable snapped. The belt guard is also missing so basically the only good part of the mower is the engine, too many missing bits to be worth doing anything.



No worries Andrew,

I still have the Champion mower sitting in my shed.