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Grass clogging.

Started by Mick, February 08, 2020, 08:19:58 PM

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See, it's not just Hayter's that suffer with grass clogging the underside of the deck.  No one seems to complain about these though. The Honda HRX 476.


This is an age old problem Mick and I do not know any mower that does not suffer. The main cause is the use of mowers in totally unsuitable conditions where the grass box either fills rapidly and is not emptied, or the chute blocks and is not cleared. The mower then effectively becomes a mulcher with too many voids and a blowing blade which just keeps packing the mulch around the deck, filling every void except the area cleared by the blade.

What really annoys me is the lack of consideration by some customers who think it quite acceptable to bring the mower in for repair or service in this condition without cleaning it first.

I will not send my car in for service or MOT unless its spotless everywhere, even under the arches, yet we have to deal with this on a regular basis.

A good 5 minutes of the service time is taken up with pressure washing off these mowers prior to service, yet some folk still grumble about the service costs.

Rant over.


Barrie, that post was a bit tongue in cheek to be honest, seen so many people complaining about this problem on the new Hayter Harrier's.  Thought I'd just show that's it's not unique to one machine.

I've always said, cutting in the wet, or even really damp conditions will always be a compromise.  "Lawn" Mowers are not designed to cut in the wet.  Seems a fairly new craze these days, complaining about the machine not handling wet conditions.   It's pretty obvious some can work better than others in these conditions, more by luck than by design methinks, though they won't admit this.  ;)

I don't think it's fair to complain to the manufacturers when things clog up, when the machine is being used incorrectly.  That said, the Harrier has had some clogging / collecting issues which Hayter are working very hard to resolve.

Double whammy here is the Pro's  want to cut in the wet,  and then they say that the machine is too slow, so the manufacturers listen and the machines get faster. Something has to give.     

As for customers sending machines in for servicing in a right state, yes I'm in total agreement with you.  We turn up to collect Ride on machines and the customer hasn't even bothered to empty the grass box, the machine has been put away like that.  Mower deck when you take it off you can hardly lift due to the weight of all the crud underneath.  Then they question why the deck rotted through.  Some even bring their mowers in with full grassboxes, which we politely hand back to them.  I don't know what they expect us to do with all that stuff tbh, It costs us money to get rid of it.  ;)


Harriers have had clogging issues since the early 2000's when the v/s models superceded the old 'wedge' ones Mick.
Hayter maybe working fast to cure it, but 20 years..........??? ;)


Quote from: GardenKit on February 09, 2020, 01:03:58 PM
Harriers have had clogging issues since the early 2000's when the v/s models superceded the old 'wedge' ones Mick.
Hayter maybe working fast to cure it, but 20 years..........??? ;)

Barrie, do you mean since they started using the narrow plastic chute, instead of the full width opening on the back?  Too reliant on air flow rather than throwing it in the box do you think?  A Stall the air = stop collection kind of scenario.


That will be it Mick. I have not been a fan of Hayter since then, and stopped selling them. I don't think its just the narrow chute that's the problem, narrow chutes are fine as long as they have sufficient airflow, but the Hayter blade has very little in the way of 'wings' so does not move sufficient air in my opinion.
Keeps the noise down though!


Noise regs are an issue, hence why the blade design and lower revving engines we have to put up with these days.

I was rather hoping that coming out of the EU we might get some of these rules relaxed, but I don;t think it'll ever happen.  Guards are my biggest bugbear.  Guards on everything.  What happened to educating people.  ???