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Calls for ban on Leaf-Blowers

Started by Mick, November 24, 2019, 09:29:35 PM

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Looks like the use of Leaf Blowers is taking a bit of a hammering now, loads of places calling for bans of said equipment.

Here's a couple of them,



Your thoughts on this?

Allan Macpherson

Hi Mick, as you know I'm new on here so I thought I'd respond as things seem a bit slow.
There's no doubt in my mind that human activity is damaging the environment, pollution, chemicals etc are wreaking havoc on the biodiversity of the planet but this is surely bonkers, I suppose if urban areas are clinically cleaned leaving no habitat at all then insect populations can be locally affected but on a global scale ----leaf blowers---seriously ?

Even the noise isn't that annoying and it'll not be long before there all electric anyway.


Thanks Allan.  ;)

I agree we need to look after the planet.  But, if bans are introduced on this sort of equipment then where will it stop, next we won't be able to mow grass, use powered sweepers etc, in fear of killing or disturbing insects or wildlife. 

I think some of the cordless blowers are just as noisy in some ways, as a majority of it comes from the fan unit itself. 

Allan Macpherson

Like I said bonkers, pick on leaf blowers when every minute of every day there are a million people in the air.
Is it not a piss take...


I can think of plenty of more irritating noises than those caused by blowers/vacs. For example the idiots who drive around where I live with modified exhausts fitted to their cars or the moron that drives up an down the road behind my house making his motorbike back-fire so we can all share the experience. Lock-down does not appear to affect these people and as for climate change.........they most likely think it's fake news!