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Welcome to The Garden Machinery Forum

Hi and welcome to the all new garden machinery forum.  This site is here for all budding gardeners / Landscapers, and welcomes domestic users and  pro users alike.  Got a problem with your Lawnmower, Strimmer, Chainsaw etc, then this is the place to ask for advice, hopefully we'll have the answers you're looking for, or one of our helpful members will share some advice.  Maybe you're not sure what new kit to purchase, I mean there's a vast array of products on the market these days, just ask, and one of us will be able to advise you.

Suggestions for the site are welcome. just post in the site feedback board.  Anyway, have fun and please jump in and chat in the forum.

Note: New boards will be added along the way, or the existing ones changed to suite our needs, but we'll have to see how to juggle things around.

Disclaimer: All user generated content, posts, and discussions, contained on TGMForum are the intellectual property of TGMForum.  We reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users of TGMForum, with our own internal tracking.

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What two stroke oil do you use for your strimmer's, or chainsaws etc.. 2 stroke oil is a bit of a minefield these days, so many to choose from, some engines prefer certain oils, some will fail if the wrong oil is used.

Do you use one oil and mix for all your 2 strokes. So what oil would you recommend...

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I've noticed a big turn in mowing trends over the last couple of years, this year especially. Seems loads of people are turning to battery powered cordless machines, and Zero turn ride on machines are also more popular than ever.

Do you think this is due to advances in technology, or marketing....

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These days the Mulching mowers are becoming more popular, not sure if that's a good thing or not, or if the conditions are good enough here in the UK.

Anyway, do prefer to mulch, or collect your grass cuttings?


Noticed Honda has changed the wheel bearings on the IZY. They have gone from a pretty decent ball bearing arrangement (Front wheels on SP machines), (All wheels on Push machines) To a really crappy cheap plastic hollowed out bushing, and these things collapse if you breath on them.

I have to ask why, especially when you can get better wheel bearings as standard on some £100 machines.

You can see in the image below what happens, because they are hollowed out the middles break away, and then the wheel is running on two very thin plastic discs.

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Hayter brought out a completely new Harrier 41 for 2017. Does anyone know if and when the new 48 and 56 will be out?


Anyone had much to do with Weibang Lawnmowers?

Only worked on a couple of these so far. Methinks I need a stronger bench if I'm going to repair these things, heavy or what. :o

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