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Lawn mowers / Honda Izy HRG536SDEC6
October 24, 2020, 08:48:59 PM
Evening all and greeting from a Brit in Switzerland. I do a fair amount of restoration and selling mainly of used Honda mowers. Scanning FB Marketplace I came across a 2012 Izy 21"/53cm mower which from the photo looked in fair nick. So I fired in and paid GBP100 equivalent. As usual, the autochoke mechanism was problematic, but only because the springs and linkage was full of crap. A quick clean and that was sorted. So a new blade, air filter, NGK BPR5ES spark and fresh oil and I managed to sell it for GBP250 in 24hours.

Now about this mower. Frankly a lot of folks rate the Izy. I don't and its not for the reason you may think. Normally after some use, the 536 front wheels bow out a la John Wayne after too long in the saddle. The drive is slower than an Inland Revenue tax rebate. The decks usually rot unless they are kept meticulously clean and then we have the daft autochoke.

Me thinks Honda are trading on past glories with the Izy range. Give me a HR194 any day. These and the HR21/194/214/215 are the epitome of Honda quality. That there are so many knocking around today (albeit smokey) is testament to how they were designed. The Izy is a goood mower. But it absolutely should not command premium prices that Honda charge.