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October 16, 2021, 02:47:21 PM

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Mountfield dipstick?

Started by GSD Man, August 01, 2021, 06:36:03 AM

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Hi all,

I nearly entitled this post as "How long is a piece of string" But the question is "How long is my dipstick"? My Hayter 41 has failed, which will be a winter project, so I've bought a shiny new red Mountfield NTL434-R. STIGA 120cc. Having finished off the assembly, I come to adding the oil, hmmm! The manual says, if the dipstick is long, screw it in, then remove to check the level, if it's short don't screw it in. Question, The stick is 69mm from the base of the thread to the tip. Do I have the long one or the short one? No further info in the manual, result? I daren't fire it up until I'm sure the oil level is correct.

I'm a great believer in forums, they're a great mine of information, any answer appreciated.

GSD Man.


Hi GSD Man, and welcome to TGMF

Best way to find the answer is to ask a Mountfield / Stga dealer.  Let's give a shout out to @GardenKit and see if he can help answer this one.

The fillers on these engines differ quite a bit between brands, and that info in your manual is pretty confusing.


Hi Mick,

Thanks for your reply. I've just fired off an email to the supplier, lets hope they have a bit of knowledge & don't just sell 'em.

PS is there a box on this forum to tick for automatic notification? I don't see one.


Thanks, it would be good to get a definite answer to your question, so hopefully they will provide that for you. A image of what type of filler and dipstick you have would be useful

Quote from: GSD Man on August 01, 2021, 01:27:50 PMPS is there a box on this forum to tick for automatic notification? I don't see one.

Notifications:  You should see a button on top right of this topic to toggle those off and on for this topic only.  Or at the top left of the page you should see the alerts button, clicking that will bring up the settings for your notifications preference.


Reference the dipstick length.
If your dipstick is 69mm long then it is the short dipstick which screws into a very short pipe protruding from the sump.
The long versions extend right up to the top of the engine recoil cowling to enable easier checking and filling.
Hope this helps.



Thanks Barrie, I knew you would be able to answer this one.  :tup:

Reasons I wasn't sure was because some have even shorter dipsticks where they screw directly into the side of sump, then you have some full height as you mentioned, and some with short filler tubes. 

If the info in the manual just says If you have a short DS, do this, or a long DS, do this, then a little diagram of the two versions would be useful for the end user. 


August 01, 2021, 03:46:42 PM #6 Last Edit: August 01, 2021, 03:52:10 PM by GSD Man
Thanks Mick & Barrie. Great advice Barrie, I can now fill up & fire up.

@ Mick, methinks that's exactly what's needed. And the notification toggle is now, er! toggled.

Stay safe



Hope the mower works out ok. Happy mowing.  ;)