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August 05, 2021, 04:18:13 AM

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Qualcast Brushcutter

Started by kevinthelawnmowerman, May 11, 2021, 07:07:28 PM

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I have a Qualcast GDB30 brush cutter that will not start!

If I take the plug out it is wet with fuel/oil mixture and if I attach a spark tester, then pull the starter the bulb in the tester flashes a nice bright, strong light. But if I attach a plug that is earthed to the engine the plug will not spark. I have tried closing the gap but that makes no difference. Could it be that the ignition module is not generating enough current to create a spark but enough to make the bulb in the tester light up?

What do you all think?



Seen this a few times actually.  I borrowed one of those testers with the bulb in them and had this exact issue. The tester would flash very nicely but couldn't get a spark from the end of the HT lead at all. So IMO those light up testers are pretty useless..

I use a tester with adjustable electrodes in it so what you actually see is the real spark. Mine is the old Briggs & Stratton one like in this video

which I think is longer available, but they do have a new version available which works in the same way.  I dare say you can buy other brands, or if feeling adventurous you could makke one yourself. ;)


Thanks Mick,

I think I have lulled into a sense of complacency by the flashing light tester. I have the new type Briggs one some where I shall have to get back into the habit of using it.

I don't think I shall be making one at the moment  :hmm: