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Honda 426qxe slows down

Started by graeme70926, March 24, 2021, 02:50:36 PM

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My honda 426qxe is a 2006 model and the drive has started slowing down after a couple minutes use and then pretty much will not drive itself at all and have to push it.  Its currently on its second gearbox according to the receipts that came with it when purchased 10 years ago second hand from a dealers. Is it ready for another gearbox? ive just changed the clutch cable as i was told it could be stretched but a stretched cable wouldnt cause the drive to slow after 2 minutes, but for less than a tenner i thought it as worth a try. Its a good mower apart from the drive problem. Any ideas????


Hi Graeme, and welcome to TGMF.

Does sound like a gearbox issue again unfortunately.  I would check the obvious stuff first, such as drive belt, sprocket pins etc, but from your description My money's on the gearbox.  When fitting the cable you can usually see how much travel there is in the clutch arm, there shouldn't be much, say around 1/2 inch. Some will move so much the arm actually hits the gearbox casing. 


is swapping a gearbox easy enough? ive done one on a mountfield a few years ago but when i was swapping the clutch cable on this honda it looked a lot more in depth to remove the gearbox, is it within the capabilitys of a bit better than average home mechanic? Im a bit hesitant to send it in as its a 2006 model and im pretty sure they will say its not worth doing and will try and sell me a new one.


Changing the gearbox isn't too bad, just very fiddley.  Rear roller frame has to come off, and you have to remove three large(ish) pop rivets from the support plate on the left side of the deck to get the gearbox out.

Part 1 in this pic, the plate, and the three rivets part 18  https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/honda/diagrams/hrx426c-qxe-matf/cutter-housing-9/

I would certainly check that the arm isn't hitting the gearbox casing when drive is engaged first.  It should stop well before it its the casing.