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Cutting grass in wooded area of garden

Started by CageyH, June 16, 2020, 07:08:27 PM

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Echo SRM3610TU has arrived.
I put it to use yesterday afternoon and cleared the woods in just over three hours. I spent a bit of time messing around getting the harness etc. set up.

It is an awesome machine, with plenty of power. Only issue was I got through the supplied trimmer line rather quickly. Fortunately I have a stock of some 3mm line, which did the job quite well. The only issue was loading the line, which is a bit fiddly compared to my old speed feed head. I may look at replacing the Z5 supplied with something a bit easier to load. It was down to operator fault, but it is annoying when the line unspools and you have to start again...


The nylon heads have always been the weak point on all the Echo strimmers to be honest, they could invest in those a little more imo. 

Unless you're happy to keep taking the head apart to refill the line, perhaps try and find a decent universal through feed one where you literally push a length of line through from one side until you have two equal lengths each side and wind it in.

Glad you like the machine though.  :tup: 


I have a Tecomec Bump and Go speed feed head on the Ryobi. This is pretty robust, so will probably get transferred over before I give the old Ryobi to the brother in law.