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Title: Subaru Engines
Post by: kevinthelawnmowerman on February 11, 2021, 07:12:48 PM
The last couple of weeks I have had in two mowers fitted with Subaru engines, one is a John Deere and the other a Ryobi and both have the same strange problem. When the float bowl is removed the seal comes out and it appears to grow to the point where it cannot be refitted! Has anyone else had this issue?

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a box of generic carb float bowl seals rather than buy them individually?
Title: Re: Subaru Engines
Post by: Mick on February 11, 2021, 07:54:50 PM
Yes, it's a pretty common problem to be fair, especially on some of the Chinese engines. I think the Subaru engines are only Chinese Loncin engines with Subaru on them. ;)

You'll find if you leave them long enough they'll shrink back down and you can refit them. Sometimes they will also shrink back down if you give them a couple of cycles through a hot sonic cleaning tank. 

It's very annoying if you haven't got a spare one to hand and you need to get the job done though.  :doh: