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Forum Suggestion

Started by Rach, August 02, 2023, 04:36:33 PM

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This is a great forum but for example if you want lawnmower info, there is a general section, an on your bench section and a lawnmower section.

I was wondering if perhaps organising the categories may get the site a few more users?

For example...

Category = Lawnmowers.
Forums inside the category: Honda | Hyundai | Mountfield | Qualcast | Other (all the brands eventually - but you could start with the common and then as people post in the 'other' forum you could add the brand to the list.

Then if you have a problem with a Mountfield lawnmower you simply click lawnmowers > Mountfield and see a list of Mountfield topics.

If you really wanted to be fussy you could have separate forums for electric, cordless, petrol, push.
Example: category = Lawnmowers > forums = electric, cordless, petrol, push > forums = brand name.

The theory behind the suggestion is I was wondering if the search engines would index the site better like that.

Note: I'm not suggesting only making changes to the Lawnmower section, the same could be done for Tilers/Rotavators etc, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, etc etc.


Thanks Rach.  That was something which I would do eventually as more members and posts appear, I just didn't want a whole load of empty boards sitting there with no posts in them. Thanks you for the input though, it's appreciated.

One of the biggest problems is getting people over here, the more people the more active it will be.  While it's quite the site looks dead and people don't bother to sign up, so a bit of a chicken and egg situation. :)

I like forums more than social media just because topics / conversations are easier to follow and find.
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@Rach  The more I look at this now I think you're right.  I will start restructuring the boards and adding a few new ones under a main category. Might start this at the weekend.

Thank you.  :tup: 
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Ok, I made a start on this, I've added a sub board for each brand in the Lawn mowers section, does that seem better?  I'm left with a couple of pages of topics that were posted in that board which don't really fit, so will have to work out what to do with them.  Let me know what you think.
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