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On Your Bench / Re: BMC big 20 circa 2013
June 07, 2024, 03:51:11 PM
Does look a bit stretched, did you catch it on a shrub or something?
On Your Bench / Re: BMC big 20 circa 2013
June 07, 2024, 03:29:27 PM
Hi  Victorp, and welcome to TGMF.

The little loop I've arrowed in your image, is this part of the rod that runs from throttle shaft on carb, to governor arm at the back of the engine? If yes then the spring probably hooks in there.

General Discussion / TGMForum YouTube Channel
June 07, 2024, 02:19:37 PM
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General Discussion / Re: Are they ripping me off/
June 05, 2024, 05:28:16 PM
Hi KawasakiKBH, and welcome to TGMF.

So they have told you it needs a new carb, and it might not fit, so I'm guessing it's not a genuine OEM replacement by the sound of it, if they are Kawasaki dealers they would probably know if it will fit or not. Some main dealers won't source cheap carbs and will only go with the specific brand hence the higher cost, though that is twice as much as most carbs I've seen.

A machine of that age you'd probably be better off trying to fix it yourself rather than throwing that sort of money at it. Do you know what model it is?

Some of the cheap replacement carbs do work quite well, and for the risk of up to £20 it's worth a gamble.  At £200 you're well on the way to buying a new one, so unless there's something urging you to keep it going I'd either look at a new one, or try the cheap carb on it.

You could probably get a brand new ECHO SRM-222 strimmer / brushcutter for around £250  Throw 200 at that one you still have a old machine at the end of the day.
Hi Mcon2189m and welcome to TGMF.

I'm not aware of any alternative grassbox for this machine.  I think you're going to have to find someone who's breaking one of these machines with a good grassbox.  There's no guarantee you'll find one without some sort of damage or corners torn out. You could get lucky though.  Perhaps try one of the many facebook groups which buy and sell mowers and parts, there's quite a few on there.

What happened to your one?
Hayter / Re: Hayter Harrier 48pro Rattle
June 03, 2024, 02:53:59 PM
Quote from: JED on June 03, 2024, 12:04:52 PMThe blade disc was located as it should.
Stuck my hand up and upper bbc pulley didn't seem to be loose (presume it'd feel loose if it was?)
Have taken black plastic cover off behind engine, won't do any harm to run it without the blade and see if I can pin it down?
Also what is the correct socket size for blade bolts on these? Got it off but not sure i was using correct socket.
Sorry, many questions!

Socket for blade bolt is normally 9/16"

I would tip the machine on its side (oil filler down) and remove the plastic cover underneath, it's only 6 bolts and you will be able to see everything from there.

Also check the small drive pulley nearest the engine hasn't come loose, it's only held onto the top of the bbc pulley with a grub screw. And check the bbc belt hasn't got any chunks missing out of it.
And another one here, Taryl goes into a bit more detail,

Strimmers and BrushCutters / Re: Qualcast strimmer
June 02, 2024, 08:36:12 AM
Quote from: Gastricj on June 02, 2024, 06:46:41 AMCan anyone suggest a clutch removal tool for this strimmer please and a link to where to get it many thanks for any help

I have no idea where you'll get the proper tool as I don't normally work on that brand. I know this doesn't help, but if one of my existing tools didn't fit I'd make one, or improvise in some other way.
OK, found a vid for you, should give you some idea.  Though in your image I couldn't see a over run solenoid, hence why I mentioned the big screw. ;)

On the opposite side of the carb to the fuel inlet there is a big screw, behind that screw there will be a small spring holding the plastic main jet in place. I would suggest that main jet is blocked.  That said you should see some fuel coming out just by undoing the screw, if not then either the fuel isn't getting into the bowl, or the bowl is full of debris.

You can disconnect the fuel line and then unclip and remove the bowl, but bear in mind there is a rather complicated gasket which could break, and a plastic emulsion tube also spring loaded being pushed up to the centre of the carb body. Be careful not to break that emulsion tube.
Cordless Power Tools / Re: McAllister 18v Solo
June 01, 2024, 07:00:21 PM
Hi Quovadisuk and welcome to TGMF.

I'm not familiar with this exact machine, but in theory yes it does sound like the motor controller has gone bad.  By your description It's a three phase brushless motor which requires a controller to function. Unfortunately it can't run without it.

I will see if I can find any info on the machine.
Strimmers and BrushCutters / Re: Qualcast strimmer
June 01, 2024, 11:41:04 AM
Hi Gastricj and welcome to TGMF

Usually it would undo in the same direction as the engine turns when it's running, so it tightens itself when running.  in your case I believe it's anti clockwise. Most of these things have a arrow on them indicating the removal direction.
Hayter / Re: Hayter Harrier 48pro Rattle
May 30, 2024, 07:32:27 PM
Hi Jed, and welcome to TGMF.

I think I know what the problem is, but before I delve into this I would first check the blade disc is located properly on the boss first, it should be located on to the two pegs protruding from the boss, and it should sit really flat on the face of the boss without rocking.

I say this because the middle of the blade disc can get bent out of shape if someone has done the blade up tight without locating the disc on the lugs.  This can cause a rattle and vibration.

Second thing would be to check the upper half of the bbc pulley and make sure it hasn't come loose from its hub. If it has it will make the bbc belt idler arm oscillate and cause a rattle. Eventually the top half will break up if loose. Like this one,

Hayter / Re: Hayter Spirit 41 with Brigs Classic
May 29, 2024, 05:41:53 PM
Hi John, and welcome to TGMF

The engine with two springs had a air vane governor system and yours has a internal mechanical governor which only requires the single spring.

Assuming the carb is good (as it's new) things that can cause hot start issues.

The inlet tube which the carb pushes onto, make sure this isn't cracked, and also make sure it hasn't come loose where it mount to the engine block.

It's not uncommon for the ignition coil to break down or get weak when hot. Also what spark plug are you running in it, and what sort of connection (plug cap) does it have on the end of the HT lead?

And as it's a few years old, it's also possible the inlet and exhaust valves could need grinding in and tappets adjusted. It's a job to tell without hearing the machine as you can imagine.