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Weibang 56 pro - 2018 build

Started by Andrewmpalmer2003, March 21, 2024, 06:48:11 AM

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Hi all,

I need to replace my drive belt(s) on my machine.

My question as I'm struggling to find, are their 2 belts which are the same, or a smaller and larger belt.

Or just 1 drive sure i can remember 2. But can't find any link for belt parts for 2.

Any help or links would be greatly appreciated

And parts no for the drive sprint in between as this maybe the issue in the lack of superb drive it used to have. Ive never had it running like it was as new, even with new belts, cables, new roller bearings, bushes etc.

I've been told the drive gear box, will either work or not, its wont just degrade in power.



Hi Andrew.  The Legacy 56 uses two drive belts of the same size.

The double pulley in between did used to go bad on the early models, these used to have a spring in them which was made of cheese. They modified it later so it used cams to push the pulleys together and keep the belts tensioned. There's a post on here somewhere which I will link to when I find it.

The gearboxes do basically either work or not work, they have a dog type clutch which is either in or out and it uses proper gears in the gearbox.

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