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Qualcast Cultimatic Rotovator

Started by SouWestern, April 01, 2023, 07:09:37 PM

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Hi all,
I'm struggling to get a spark from an old Cultimatic rotovator which until last week was running OK. It just stopped and refused to start, so I went through the simple checks until I noticed no spark.
Ive had the flywheel off and cleaned and re-gapped the points, checked the dead-cut wire wasn't tracking to earth, checked the HT lead was sound and checked the resistance of the magneto. All seemed OK but still no spark.
Cutting a long story short I obtained and fitted another magneto but still no spark.
My only thought now is the clearance between the magneto core and the flywheel magnets which isn't easy to check with the flywheel mounted but, in any case I don't know the clearance. Anyone have any ideas?


Hi Phil, and welcome to TGMF.

Might seem a strange thing to ask, but after you cleaned and set the points did you run a piece of folded paper through them to make sure they are spotlessly clean?  The air gap between core and magnets isn't adjustable and not usually a problem to be honest.  Also check the spark with the suppressor cap removed if it has one.   
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Thanks Mick,
yes, I've gently pulled emery paper through the closed gap and then cleaned away any debris etc.
I must have watched all the youtube videos on issues with these magnetos and double checked everything related to short circuits, open circuits, dirty wires, dry soldered joints etc. I started to consider the level of magnetism in the flywheel and whether that could have decreased but it still has a healthy attraction to a screwdriver and without another flywheel to measure against I cant be certain about that point.
I refuse to be beaten but its a bit of a trial!   


Phil, if you could attach a photo of your stator assembly that might help.  But to be honest there's not much to go wrong with these, and they will work quite well even if dirty rusty etc, as long as points and condenser is ok.

Was it a brand new stator you replaced it with?
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