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New suffolk mower project , new problem

Started by Paul434, February 06, 2024, 08:05:30 PM

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Hi all ,
I posted late last year about an old suffolk punch that I picked up at an auction ( cos it reminded me of my grandad ) and you guys helped me to get it running. Its still going strong and I use it all the time.
So last week i found another one and this has a different problem. Its a smaller suffolk mower and has a zenith type13 TCA-2 carburettor .The issue I have is that when I open the fuel tap and fill the fuel bowl the fuel drips from the air intake . It seems clear that the carb is flooding and that the float needle is not sealing as the fuel bowl fills but I cant see why not . I have stripped and cleaned the carb and at first thought the needle in the float was in the wrong position as it seemed like it was too short to seal the seating without the float hitting the tickler. The needle slides in the float ( not sure if it should ) so I moved it hoping that would fix it.... It helped but it still leaks . Can you get new floats , needles and the seatings still or can anyone suggest a solution ?
Would love to get this one going too as my dad would like it as its smaller than mine and he could manage it I think .
Thanks in advance



Hi Paul, glad the mower is still going strong.

Now this one.  Check the float and make sure it hasn't slid up up on the needle.  I know some can slide upwards and rest on the tickler button and preventing the needle to fully close.

Also. the needle seat is screwed in to the carb top, make sure it's sealed and not leaking down threads.

Failing that you could stick a new needle and seat in it, I'm sure you will be able to find them somewhere.
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Hi Mick ,
Yes thats what I was trying to explain , the needle had moved in the float and I did move it which definitely helped but didnt cure it completely, maybe we will try and move it a bit more .... Will try and seal the thread a bit better too

Will report back ,

Thanks for the quick reply

Think I might be developing a problem with buying these suffolks  ;D


Quote from: Paul434 on February 07, 2024, 08:08:42 AMThink I might be developing a problem with buying these suffolks  ;D

I don't think that's true. lol.. You like what you like.  I like guitars and would have loads of them if I could afford to. 
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So , we think it might be dead  :(
My dad took it home with him the other day and tried to start it with the carb off and just spraying starter fluid straight in .... Got the odd cough out of it the same as when it was here with the carb on but it wouldnt run . His theory was to eliminate the carb and see if it was alive if the carb issues were fixed.
He then took the head off as we did think that there didnt feel like a huge amount of compression , he discovered that the exhaust valve was stuck open and fixed that but also noticed the piston was pretty slack and could move it from side to side a little which is why there isnt much compression  :(
So, im assuming there isnt much that can be done ?
Is there an old mower graveyard where it could go for parts ?
The strange thing is its really clean , looks like the grass box has never has grass in it , its got surface rust coming through but is in much better condition than the first one.
Bit gutted really


I'd be very surprised if the piston and rings were stopping it from running, they don't need much compression to start and run.  Might smoke a bit but it will still run. Unless the bore and piston are extremely bad.

So the valve was just freed off? Or did you lap it in as well? Also check tappet clearances.

Personally for the time it takes I'd stick it back together and give it a good run, and see how it goes.  ;)

As for parts, you should be able to hunt down a set of rings, gaskets etc on the web.
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Dad said he freed it up , didnt say he lapped it in so I would say not . He said he could move the piston side to side in the bore. Im gonna bring it back here at some point and have another look/go at it


Paul, when you do please let us know how it goes.
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