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Briggs and Stratton 450E Engine

Started by kevinthelawnmowerman, November 16, 2021, 02:55:33 PM

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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know the cause of a slight surge on the Briggs and Stratton 450E engine?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



By "slight surge" do mean the engine is hunting slightly, as in revving up and down? 

It's usually caused by a slight blockage to one of the jets. Make sure if it's a older model that it has the correct jet module fitted, and replace if necessary. 


Thanks for your reply Mick,

I should have used the word hunt or hunting. It is only a a slight hunt but I want to stop it before it develops. This engine has the later type carb with a float and what I call the jet unit, that can be unclipped. I shall try cleaning first.

Has there been a modification on the older models?




If you pop the jet module out of the carb and look at the end of it where it goes into the carb, if you see two brass jets it's the old one. If you see one it's the new one. See attached images showing both old and new. Part number (596521).


Hi Mick,

Many thanks for the info.

This 450E had the type with two brass jets and so I have ordered a replacement.