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September 27, 2021, 04:23:49 AM

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countax K14, 1992 starting problem

Started by stephen11, August 18, 2021, 05:18:21 PM

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Hi don't know if anyone can help.
the mower is in great shape and is always dry stored.

2 months ago it would not start, replaced the solenoid, a new battery then the starter. Replaced starter and it worked. Three times now it will not start – sit on tractor turn key the solenoid clicks but the starter will not turn. I charged the battery up on a trickle charge, then used the boost button – nothing. The battery voltage across the terminals is 13.1V. I have checked all the cables, put a car lead from batteryN to starter casing, no different. I have checked both safety switches and shorted them out they are both fine. Put a car lead from battery live to starter terminal – nothing. Checked all fuses. Visibly checked PCB, no smell, no burning. Took plug out to ensure petrol had not flooded cylinder – no difference. The mower had a full service and changed both drive belts in Jan. The engine can be turned by hand. Oil level ok and like new. The mower has no rust as it gets cleaned and painted annually. i have checked all the leads all tight and no verdigree.

The first time it did this it started on boost after trickle charging for an hour. The second time this did not work – I took off the starter and did a bench test it was fine – it threw the cog and looked fine. Put it back on and the machine started. Yesterday it started and ran for 1.5hrs. I stopped the machine to clean it, then tried to start it, it turned over a few times battery drained then back to just a click from the solenoid. Pushed it back into the garage and trickle charged it for 2 hrs – tried the boost start – nothing. When sat on the machine with clutch depressed when I turn the key the multi-meter between the battery N and the live terminal on the starter goes from 0 to 12.76V, but the engine does not turn.

The battery charger is a large Clarke semi commercial unit.

took off new starter and put on old one. it turned over a few times then back to the solenoid just cllicking no action from starter.

took off old starter, took it apart and tested all segments 9between them and to earth), all ok. put it back together (tip use cocktail sticks through holes in end plate to hold the brushes back). reinstalled it, no change.
i have ordered a new PCB as i am really clutching at straws!!


Hi Stephen, and welcome to TGMF.

As it slowed down after a few turns to a state where the solenoid just clicked, it really sounds like a battery issue.  Did you check the voltage across the battery as you crank the engine, if it drops dramatically I'd try another battery.