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October 16, 2021, 03:38:22 PM

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New type Hayter Harrier's

Started by Mick, June 13, 2021, 11:08:52 AM

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Still seeing a lot of drive issues with the latest models, it's such a shame as the rest of the machine is pretty nice, easy to work on etc. 

But the rollers need another redesign in my opinion.  Those cams in the outer ends of the rollers are just not up to the job, especially coupled with those plastic end caps which wear and allow the cams to oscillate and cause them to jump.  Why they don't put a proper bushing or bearing in that end I'm not sure, but to me they should.  Like they do on the inner ends of the rollers.

I'm curious.  How long are they lasting for you before you have to get the drive looked at? 


I`m new here searching round and found your thread, so I hope I`m doing this right !

My very reason for being here is I have recently purchased a Hayter 48 pro 479B, its about 18 months old and had light commercial use !!!  I was aware of its history and a couple of minor problems which I could fix. 
When I looked more closely the roller end bushes were worn almost oval, one square drive pin was totally missing and a circlip holding a bearing on the gearbox shaft was out of its slot by an inch allowing end play. Now all of this is quite easily repaired and I am not too sure to blame previous owner for lack of lubrication and attention, or the machine made late on a Friday afternoon. 
However, having nurtured the beast back to reasonable health, changed oil and filters etc, I now have quite a serious problem keeping up with it !  So does my fit son who is in his early thirties ! How can anyone negotiate around flower beds or borders at jogging speed ? How can the machine cope with this summers grass when it doesnt have time to clear the system ?
I have heard of a speed reduction kit but my dealer has`nt had any luck from Hayters yet. Do you know where to buy them ? Do they exist ? Or would someone like to make an offer on a very fast mower ?


Hi Rich, and welcome to TGMF.

The circlip you mentioned on the gearbox shaft, that's a common problem and I believe if you look at a replacement gearbox they have now instead off adding a circlip groove they've drilled the shaft and replaced that circlip with a roll pin.

The drive speed issue is another big fail on Hayter's part imo. The 48 pro reduction kit is a slightly larger pulley which fits on the gearbox. It doesn't slow it down by much, but those we have fitted in the past seemed to stop the customers complaining so it must be just enough.  I think it went from 3.4mph down to 3mph with the new pulley.

In theory your MACHINE should already have it fitted if it's a B-spec machine.


hello and thank you for such an informative reply.

Yes it is a 479B and specs do say 3mph, which is the same as the older 496`s. But thats where similarity stops. The older 496`s are  a leisurely stroll by comparison, I can manage that. I thought the kit was a change of cogs  at the side, so maybe I should check the gearbox/pulley and see if it looks correct or been changed. Nothing would surprise me !! :)



Quote from: Richard on August 07, 2021, 06:13:10 PMI thought the kit was a change of cogs  at the side

That's on the 41,  it's a kit containing Two sprockets, new chain, and new cover to fit over the enlarged roller sprocket, and some new circlips. On the 48 it's just a bigger gearbox pulley and roll pin.