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Welcome to The Garden Machinery Forum

Welcome to the Garden Machinery Forum.  This site is here for all budding gardeners / Landscapers, domestic users and  pro users alike.  Got a problem with your Lawnmower, Strimmer, Chainsaw etc, then this is the place to ask for advice, hopefully we'll have the answers you're looking for, or one of our helpful members will share some advice.  Maybe you're not sure what new kit to purchase, I mean there's a vast array of products on the market these days, just ask, and one of us will be able to advise you.

Suggestions for the site are welcome. just post in the site feedback board.  Anyway, have fun and please jump in and chat in the forum.

Note: New boards will be added along the way, or the existing ones changed to suite our needs, but we'll have to see how to juggle things around.

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Lent my mower to a friend who brought it back and said it had stopped!
Looking at it, it appears the Choke Rod is missing. Its been very difficult to find a new one (Honda dealer says 'N/A') but hopefully got a new one coming from L&S Engineering. However, cant see where it fits to on the back of the engine under the cover. Front must go to carbureter, but 'exploded diagram' in Honda manual dosnt show where each end fits to.Read More


Hey guys, just found this forum as I am struggling. My Simplicity 2620 ride on lawn mower has a Briggs and Stratton 20hp engine. I have checked the alternator output is ok (18 -20 volts ac). Renewed the regulator (as Briggs and Stratton test strategy showed it needed replacing) but the battery still does not charge????Read More

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Still seeing a lot of drive issues with the latest models, it's such a shame as the rest of the machine is pretty nice, easy to work on etc.

But the rollers need another redesign in my opinion. Those cams in the outer ends of the rollers are just not up to the job, especially coupled with those plastic end caps which wear and allow the cams to oscillate and cause them to jump. Why they don't put a proper bushing or bearing in that end I'm not sure, but to me they should. Like they do on the inner ends of the rollers. Read More


STIHL recalls a limited production range of cut-off machines

a limited number of TS 410 and TS 420 cut-off machines were assembled with the flywheel retaining nut over-tightened which could cause the flywheel to fail and break apart. This would pose a projectile hazard to the operator or bystanders.


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Hi guys.

I went to a car boot sale and found a Kubota W821R-Pro lawn mower with a Homda GXV160 engine.

I got the engine running, but the clutch does not engage.

I wanted to order some spare parts for it, but it seems a real hassle finding anything for it. But I came across some Honda lawn movers online that look very similar and I was wondering if the Kubota uses Honda parts for the clutch ?Read More

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Hello all i am new to forum.
I have bought a used B&S 35 classic mower partner/husqvarna.
I removed blade to sharpen it.
It has the dome washer plus a second non metallic brown washer same diamater as
dome one.This brown washer was sandwiched between blade and dome washer is this

Read More

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