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Went to get some diesel this morning to get to work, greeted at the local garage with signs saying Sorry no Diesel. So drove another five miles to the next nearest petrol station, all pumps were out of order, I suspect due to no fuel again.

Went home looked up a few stations which I could get to with the remaining fuel left in my car, and gave them a call.   All of them are out of Diesel.

I knew things were getting bad, but never seen it like this before.  What's the situation where you live?
So who's taken the plunge and switched to battery power?

Although I still have my old Hayter Harrier 56, I decided this year to to give battery power a try.  Got myself a EGO LM1900E-SP and a 7.5AH battery and fast charger.  Must say it's an absolute joy to use. Light, powerful and just so convenient to use. 

Power is easily on par with a petrol 19" and the collection is just fantastic, it packs the box whether the grass is damp or dry.  Battery life: A single charge is also more than adequate to cut front and back lawn and still has more than 30 percent charge left. the battery as it's a 7.5ah takes around an hour to fully charge.  This mower can also be purchased as kit LM1903E-SP, which comes with a 5.0ah battery and fast charger which takes around 40 minutes to fully charge.

Do I miss the stripes: No I don't at all.  ;)
General Discussion / E10 Petrol and your gear
July 24, 2021, 11:14:13 AM
Are you ready for the E10 Petrol which is about to hit the UK, I think this September..  Really not looking forward to this, E5 causes enough issues already,

Wonder if the likes of Honda. Kawasaki, Loncin etc will follow Briggs & Stratton and start churning out plastic carburettors to combat the corrosion issues that the Ethanol creates.  That said, no idea how the small two stroke stuff is going to cope, badly I will assume based on what we have seen on E5 already.

Think dealers are going to be busy..  ;)     
General Discussion / Stripes or no stripes?
July 17, 2021, 06:39:25 PM
I started using a EGO battery powered machine this year, and it's a four wheeled machine and obviously because of the lack of rear roller it doesn't stripe the lawn like my old harrier would.  The finish nice and even looks pretty good and to be honest because it's a much lighter machine it makes it really easy to navigate around the garden and is just so convenient to use. To me this far outweighs the need for seeing stripes on the lawn for a day or two.

Anyway, what's your preference? Please vote in the poll.   
Site Feedback / Updated SMF
June 26, 2021, 08:42:46 AM
Updated forum software to the official test version of SMF 2.1 RC4

Lawn mowers / New type Hayter Harrier's
June 13, 2021, 11:08:52 AM
Still seeing a lot of drive issues with the latest models, it's such a shame as the rest of the machine is pretty nice, easy to work on etc. 

But the rollers need another redesign in my opinion.  Those cams in the outer ends of the rollers are just not up to the job, especially coupled with those plastic end caps which wear and allow the cams to oscillate and cause them to jump.  Why they don't put a proper bushing or bearing in that end I'm not sure, but to me they should.  Like they do on the inner ends of the rollers.

I'm curious.  How long are they lasting for you before you have to get the drive looked at? 

STIHL recalls a limited production range of cut-off machines

a limited number of TS 410 and TS 420 cut-off machines were assembled with the flywheel retaining nut over-tightened which could cause the flywheel to fail and break apart.  This would pose a projectile hazard to the operator or bystanders.

Machines in the following serial number range are affected: 189442634 - 19000170

If your machine falls within this serial number range, please discontinue using the machine immediately and contact your local STIHL dealer for a (Free of Charge) flywheel replacement.

Official Details: https://www.stihl.co.uk/stihl-ts-410-ts-420-product-recall.aspx
If you take a look at the home page you'll notice some forum posts are shown as a preview on there.  Some have a thumbnail image in the top left corner which gives a better indication of what the post is referring to.

These images are added automatically from the first attached image in a given topic, so add a attachment to the first post when you start a topic and the image should pop up on the front page. 
How many of you dealers have started selling battery powered ride on mowers, and how are you finding them so far?  Any obvious problems or issues becoming apparent yet?

I'd be interested on your findings so far.
General Discussion / Merry Christmas
December 25, 2020, 09:00:23 AM
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all TGMF friends.
General Discussion / SALTEX MOVES TO NOVEMBER 2021
October 31, 2020, 11:28:15 AM

Due to mounting pressure from the global Coronavirus pandemic, the Grounds Management Association (GMA) regrettably announces that it has taken the decision to move SALTEX to 3-4 November 2021, from its planned Spring dates (3-4 March 2021).

The GMA has been strategically planning for every eventuality to ensure the exhibition is a bio-secure event, in partnership with the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and internationally recognised professional events bodies, however ongoing Government restrictions and local and national lockdowns, as well as rising cases of Coronavirus have highlighted the immediate challenges to stage a successful event in March.

For full details Read More
Guess it's that time of year again, all dealers be on alert.


£10,000 worth of goods taken

On Wednesday this week East Riding dealership, F G Adamson & Son fell victim to burglars who broke into their store - following on from other similar incidents in the area.

See full info on servicedealer.co.uk  Read More

ECHO has introduced a new professional chainsaw, the CS-7310SX, which is the largest in the current range and features a low emission, premium-grade 73.5cc engine with an output of 4.1kW. A heavy-duty, rear handle chainsaw the CS-7310SX is part of the ECHO X Series which designates it as a best-in-class product and as such it's packed with features designed to increase the productivity of the professional user.

Full Info and Specifications

John Deere has announced this week that it has signed an agreement to sell its SABO Maschinenfabrik lawnmower subsidiary to another German company, Mutares SE & Co, subject to regulatory approval.

This move will see John Deere exit the walk-behind rotary lawnmower business.

Read More

Honda are making a significant change to their lawn and garden dealer network - reducing it down from around 200 to roughly 150 retailers, in order they say, to maintain dealer profitability.

Read More, https://www.servicedealer.co.uk/honda-cutting-dealer-network-by-a-quarter
EGO LM1701E-SP 56v Self Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower (with Battery & Charger)

Supplied with a 2.5Ah battery & standard charger
Infinitely variable self-propelled drive system
42cm /16" cutting width
Tough poly cutting deck
Adjustable handle heights
Easy grass box emptying
Amazing 5 year warranty

Full Details https://www.justlawnmowers.co.uk/ego-power-cordless-lawn-mowers/ego-lm1701e-sp-56v-self-propelled-cordless-lawn-mower-with-battery-charger.html
Mountfield MC380Li 40V Cordless Lawn Mower  £279.00 RRP £339.00 | SAVE £60

Includes 2 x 40V 2Ah Lithium-Ion batteries and charger
6 Cutting Heights (25-75mm)
38 cm (15") cutting width
45 litre grass collector with vision window
Ideal for lawns up to 20m x 20m

Full details https://www.justlawnmowers.co.uk/mountfield-mc380li-40v-cordless-lawn-mower.html
General Discussion / What's on your Workbench today?
April 14, 2020, 03:21:56 PM
Ok you lot,  What machines have you been repairing today?
Lawn mowers / Battery Powered Ride-on Mowers
April 13, 2020, 12:06:46 PM
Anyone made the move yet to a battery powered ride-on mower yet?

just curious to know how you're getting on with it, likes, dislikes, and what make and model you have.